T H U R S D A Y!

So usually the mornings can be some what of a battle, odds are three against one, and I do not mean the boys against me. Jason is a morning person, the only one in the house, Dylan, Grant and myself are far off the mark with that. So generally it is happy, bubbly Jason against three grumps, shampies!

So this morning was a little different, Jason and Grant decided it would be real fun to wake up at 5am, very unusual. I quite enjoyed the constant chatter and chuckles that came out of their room though, too cute… that was until they started with the noisy toys, then I was NOT impressed, LOL. But it definitely puts a smile on my face to hear them bonding and so the odds this morning were even, two on two!!

We have a theme song, the Setton’s that is, me and my three gorgeous son’s, one day I am going to video us doing it and then post it… we shall have to work on it first though. A while back the boys were being so challenging and would be really grumpy and whinny when I fetched them from school and that is when the theme song was born… a little distraction that has now turned into an almost daily thing to remind them that we can be a happy, non-murderous family :)


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