It’s the weekend baby!

So last night was the rare occasion where I managed a quiet, candlelit, hot bubble bath and an ice-cold glass of wine and it was PURE BLISS! Definitely to be repeated. There is something so soul lifting about laying in the bath sipping wine :)

Only to wake up this morning and be bombarded with grumpy, moaning kids *sigh* I swear they have split personalities, these things that we call kids, that we love so dearly… one minute they are all in tears and then bouncing off the walls with happiness at the thought of brushing their teeth, some days I just do not know.

So we finally get out the house at 07:20 (half an hour late) and the car was filled with happiness, this is a great thing. It is pet day at school and since we have no pets, the boys have their teddies in tow. Grant with a small brown dog, Jason with a HUGE blue dog, both have yet to name them and Dylan with his big blue and yellow sea-horse, named Chune, he chose that for the record… perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I say, “I chune you” as a joke quite often, LOL.

Somedays I am so glad that I work and other days, like today, I wish that I could be a stay at home mom… I know in reality I would never cope though. But today, just for today, I wish that I could be home having fun with my adorable, schizophrenic boys! Today is one of those days when I think of them and I just want to squeeze them to death, not out of frustration, but out of pure love and joy.

I had a great conversation with a friend this morning, I always find it interesting to hear how people see you, sometimes it is hard but for the most part I kind of like to hear what they see when looking in. This friend sees resentment, mostly toward my kids. That was hard to hear but I know that there is truth in it, I am after all 24 with three kids. I need to work on that, need to focus my energy on the lighter side of life and having three kids, I would say that I need to dedicate myself to my kids more but I think that I do this already, lol. I think that I need to have more fun with them though, perhaps that will help with the resentment that I feel…


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