Just because…

So the weekend went well, I think, or wait maybe it only went well until the boys decided to unpack and ENTIRE cupboard of clothes, WOW, I think they got the fright of their lives as they realised that I could have been an opera singer if chosen, that is how high I raised my voice… needless to say it all got packed (a lot worse than before) back and they came into the room with tails between their legs… that why God gave me cute kids!!!

Sunday was actually a real nice day though, we went to the market early in the morning, they jumped on the castle and then made the choice to have samoosa’s rather than Dinky Doughnuts, strange kids I have. Then we went to Nona for lunch, it is exhausting but they bring her so much joy that it makes it all worthwhile :) A busy day resulted in super tired kids which in turn makes for early nights, win-win situation really!

Last night we went for dinner with my Great Aunt, Bee, my Great Gran, Rose and Connor (I am not quite sure what he is to me?), he is Bee’s son. We went to Spur which I was grateful for, it is the one place that they boys can go absolutely insane and I take no pity on fellow patrons as everyone knows what you are in for when you head to a Spur. So they had fun for the most part and left me in semi peace, lol. Then we got home and I was reminded why I do not go out with the boys during the week, sjoe, let’s just say that the shit hit the fan and what is normally a painless process turned into 45 minutes of pure hell!!!

Thankfully they woke up all cute and fluffy this morning so all was forgiven :)

Jason and Grant got bitten to high heaven by mozzies, and they react to them. Jason more so than Grant. Now you have to understand that Jason is a VERY comical child and he knows it, he is dam funny. SO this morning he has this half-shut eye (thanks to the mozzies) and he comes to talk to me and starts being his comical self, well I was in stitches, I literally collapsed to the floor with laughter, ag he is divine man!

Dylan of course had to wear his new Spiderman kit from his Great Great Aunty Bee, boxers, gloves and a hat… super ubber cute! Grant, oh Grant, my cutie pie. Sometimes I wonder how it is possible to love three boys so much and in such different ways. I get this overbearing feeling of love sometimes and I find it truly amazing that one can love three humans all the same yet all so differently, with equal amounts of love but brought on at different times, if that makes sense!


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