It’s been a while…

… since I’ve updated here!

So the boys and I had FOUR whole days together, normally I would dread it, since they can be quite out of hand at the best of times but we had the most fabulous time together and I even managed to get Jason & Grant fully potty trained in our time together :)

Friday was raining which sucked a little as it meant that we spent the days indoors and all over each other but it also meant that the boys did not sleep and I did a good job of tiring them out which meant a quiet house by 18:30 and that gave me time to refresh for the remaining three days!

Saturday we ventured off to Horward’s Farm… always great to spend time with family and let the boys run wild for a while. With hot dogs in their bellies and lots of jungle gym time, it was what could be classed as another successful day, and by day two they were aiming IN the toilet instead of ON the wall… such super stars!

Sunday meant a trip to Norscott, another of my favourite spots to take the boys, they love it there and they are so well behaved, my team demolition… so I decided that it was a lot easier to let Grant & Jason pee in the bush than battle with a high toilet and no step, terrible I know. So next thing I see Dylan and Jason standing in the middle of the tea garden taking a pee on some mat that was covering a whole, well it was quite amusing, lol, and a little embarrassing. Thankfully the people sitting across from us found it so funny, I was afraid that someone would complain… and then it was back to the bush with them. We also played soccer for a while which was great exercise and the boys love it… I really need to do it with them more often :) After such a busy day, it was operation ‘keep them awake till we get home’ only this time it was dirt easy as I had those hard white easter eggs (like gobstoppers) so they each got one and it worked! Which meant, home, bath, eat and straight into bed before they got to cranky, another successful day with three sleeping angles by 19:00!!

Monday decided to rain again, oh boy and so we went on ‘operation clean the Setton house’ but you see that is where the boys are EXCELLENT, they have no problem cleaning up, they do it with a smile and they also do a damn good job! We ended up going for a drive to Nona to collect food with my mom and then they had a walk to the shop and ate some chips, a little bit of time out the house can do wonders :)


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