I realised just how hard being a mother really is…

… so for the past three weeks or so I have noticed a huge change in Dylan, and not a good one. He has become extremely aggressive and angry and it worries me. I feel so helpless and out of control, like I have failed him as a mother and that is why he is acting out this way.

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster for me and I was sick to the stomach wondering how to help my little angel control and effectively channel his aggression in an effective, unhurtful way.

I have three solutions and I am going to try each one and see what works for him, I need to get him back on the peaceful path that he has been on for the past four years.

1) YOGA: I have a DVD, so we can do it together in the evenings. This will help us bond and might centre him toward himself a little, and the added bonus is the exercise :)

2) KINESIOLOGY: I am going to take him for a session with Angela, and the best part is that he is actually excited about it! I on the other hand, am shitting myself… I am sure that I have a part of his anger issues… but we can deal with that when it comes, I need to help my boy.

3) PLAY THERAPY: I believe that this is an excellent route in teaching kids to deal with and express their emotions, worth a try and Gabby says that she knows of someone good so will get the number and find out!

It is such a terrible feeling to ‘lose control’ of your kids, I cannot handle the aggression in him and it is only because I identify with it and know that he has so many reasons to be aggressive, I just have to find the solution to ‘control’ or find an outlet for him.

This broke my heart even more yesterday: Gabby told me that Dylan has made up an imaginary father… that pulled the heart-strings in a big way :'( I do not regret leaving his father for one minute as I know that we have a better life now than we would have ever had with him, I do however regret that fact that his father takes no part in his life and therefore he has to make one up!


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  1. Debs says:

    Oh poogles …. I feel for you .. but just remember, you are not a bad mother .. you are fantastic to be raising 3 gorgeous (albeit it troublesome at times) boys!!!

    I admire you for doing what you do and still managing to stay on top of things and be there for others!

    hugs & loads of love

    1. settoncrew says:

      Thanks Pie! Some days are harder than others as you know :)

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