<3 For my Mother <3


I could name a thousand things that are precious to me, and describe my MOM but in short she is honestly the greatest women on this earth and my role model! She has ALWAYS put my needs ahead of her own. She went without my whole life so that I could take part in sport, go on camp, go on holiday… basically have the life that she wanted for me, yet she suffered (in silence) through it all.

I wish to be half as great as her with my kids, because then I know that I will be AWESOME! A little poem that I wrote for my mom:

A mother’s love, so kind and gentle

An inspiration to all around her

You are the one that gave me life

That saved my soul and showed me right

 You are my best friend, my heart,
my soul, A treasure buried
deep within

 You were my
first true love


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