Just a general update :)

So it is Monday again, and this was what could be called an unusual Monday… and it was a great change! We ALL woke up in a GREAT mood this morning :). Such a change a change in the Setton household.

Took Dylan to Angela on Saturday for his Kinesiology session. It cleared a lot of things up and let’s hope that we will make progress from here on out. She has put him on Tissue Salts, Flower Essence, Omega 3 and we have to cut out sugar and no more O-o-o-o-Oros for any of us… since it would not be fair if we drank it and Dylan could not! My poor sunshine is sad and depressed, feels unimportant and needs some positive boy time! He has forgiven his jack-ass father for leaving him (he was not ready but needed to move on), he just wants the prick face to acknowledge that he has abandoned Dylan. I think that I am still going to take him for Play Therapy as well as continue with Kinesiology, the combination is sure to help my little guy. He also needs a positive outlet for his anger… so punch bag here we come. I also need to be more focused on praising his positive behaviour and not rewarding the negative.

Oh, on our way to Kinesiology I had my first blow out… fun times I tell you! Especially since I have NO CLUE how to change a freaking bicycle wheel, let alone a car tyre. Some nice guy stopped to help us (too bad he was too old for me) and then Jeff and Sebastian came to the rescue. This meant that I got to drive in luxury to Angela, in Savanna’s Alfa, power steering, ABS Brakes and a RADIO! I got lost on the way there, perhaps it was subconsciously on purpose so I got to drive the car more, thank heavens Angela knew where I was and got me to her house over the phone :).

My awesome Mother watched Jason & Grant for me while I took Dylan, she even got them to have an afternoon nap without so much as a moan, thanks MOM! And then we set off on the mission to find all the things that Angela told me to get for Dylan… was not too successful but we managed to at least get Tissue salts and lot’s of fruit. The biggest challenge of Dylan not being allowed sweets and chocolate is that I cannot eat it around him either, LOL, she said that he can have it on the odd occasion but not too often!

Sunday meant that Lisa and Keanu were coming for lunch. FINALLY I got to meet them after ‘knowing’ each other for quite a while. I really enjoyed the afternoon (despite my failure to cook good lunch) and Keanu is the true definition of what happiness is :) He is such a content chap with a mother that is awesome in every way!


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