SO proud :)

Dylan has seriously got brains beyond his years, I hope and pray that I can channel it effectively and help him reach his full potential in life. The other day he gets into Granny’s *AUTOMATIC* car (through the front seat) and questions her as to why her car only has TWO pedals when Mommy’s *MANUAL* car has THREE… talk about smart… and then he proceeds to tell my mom which pedal makes you go fast and which one is to stop the car! If his feet could reach the pedals I think that he would be a master driver already!!

I am interested to know from parents that have more than one kid if there are days that you “favour” your one child over the other and whether you have a favourite?

My answer would be: I do not have a favourite, they are all the air that I breathe but the love that I feel for each one of them is so different, hard to explain.

Dylan amazes me with his intelligent and enquiring mind and also his caring toward his brothers (he is going to be the most awesome father one day).

Jason is my comical child, he always makes me laugh with his antics and he has had them since he was tiny, I think that he could turn out to be an awesome gymnast too, he has this natural ability.

Grant is the smallest of the boys and has the most stunning features and a very distinct smile, I could eat him when he smiles. He melts my heart with the things he says, like running up to me after a day at school and saying, “Mommy I missed you” out of his own accord!

One thing that I love about all three of them is that they are quite affectionate, I love that, the kisses and hugs that can make the world disappear in a split second!! Bedtime is one of my most precious things, I treasure those last moments before they drift off and the millions of kisses that happen before that!



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