~WeEkEnD & a MoNdAy~

I always maintain that whoever created long weekends never had kids… and it remains a fact! Although the boys are older now so I guess it is easier and we enjoy the time together since we can all interact! And as long as we keep busy and I create mystery around what we are doing then all is well and fun is had by all…

So busy we were, now it is Wednesday, so the trick here is to remember what we actually did, LOL! Saturday we went to meet Angela and Thomas plus new cutie Islay at the Wimpy in Benoni, was great to see them again and they have an awesome play area for the kids, so they had breakfast and then went wild for two hours, which meant that I got to chat and hold a cute newborn *if I had a husband he’d be in trouble* and enjoy a somewhat peaceful breakfast! On our way back we went with Michelle, Greg and the girls to Greenstone and then went home to bath and put the boys to bed as they were super moody and Dylan was becoming a handful!!

Sunday meant a picnic in the park, love those. We met Julie, Andre, their kids and all their friends at Delta Park, even Granny and Jeff came to enjoy the sunshine with us :). I taught the boys some new antics on the jungle jim and found myself reminiscing to when I was a care free kid loving the park and my only concern was wondering if I would get an ice cream on the day! These two girls, older than the boys, decided that they would take them on… hahaha, they have never met the Setton Boys obviously, they got no where. A day in the park makes for super early nights, they were all out by 19:00 *bliss*.

Monday I needed to get them out the house again or WW3 was going to happen, they were going INSANE!! So we ended up at Wimpy (again) but this time at Stoneridge Mall, another pleasant breakfast had and the boys enjoyed the playing… not as much as Benoni though. After that we went to Jeff’s house to bake in the sun and put together Dylan’s bike from his Nonna, he was thrilled and was riding like a pro in 10 seconds of having it… said to my mom that those training wheels are not going to be on there long! So excited that they all have a bike, now my mission is to find an awesome park for them to ride!

More fun to have with the boys, I love fun! Keeps the peace around…


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