No More Excuses!

So now I have no excuse not to update here at least once a week if not everyday, getting a BlackBerry has truly been the most awesome thing I did!!

Whoever took my awesome sleepers, may return them AAAARRRGGGG! New found respect for mothers with crying babes…

Last year my friend Pie lost her mom. I cannot imagine the pain that she has been through :'(. This week my mom has been away and WOW has it been a challenge not seeing her. Pie I love you and will be here for you forever and a day XxX bit of a mixed paragraph this but I cannot ever imagine not seeing my mom ever again. For one week I felt what it is like not to have my mom around.

The boys are well. Grant and Dylan got a head shave for the first time, Jason did not want his head shaved, its kind of nice because now at least people can tell them apart :P. Grant is an accident waiting to happen at the moment, he fell and scrapped his nose, got a bite on the face and a scratch on his tummy, both knees and hands have grazes and he cut the inside of his one hand! Sjoe, but boys will be boys!

Ok well I think that’s all for now :D night night!!


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