Why oh why?

So… I just found out that my Great Granny (from my Mom’s biological side) has Cancer and they have given her six months to live. I am so sick of those around me dying of Cancer, dropping like flies. It makes me MAD! I know that she could live longer than the given time but I just hope that she never has to suffer a day of her precious life.

Here is the challenge, the doctors reckon that we should not tell her as it will make her worse, so when we visit we have to act like nothing is wrong when we ourselves are dying inside. It is bad enough that we got robbed of time from her since my mom was adopted but now this… sometimes the world is a little too cruel.

I’m not even sure that I can take her GREAT GREAT Grandchildren (my boys) to see her as she is in a hospital for now and I don’t think that they allow kids, and the boys really do bring her so much joy. She is the nuttiest Great Gran (ok the only one I have) that I have ever come across. She is so naughty it is hysterical. She talks about sex like it is an everyday occurance in her life at the ripe old age of 80 odd and she has the most devine giggle, enough to make you pee your pants upon hearing it.

Well I just needed to get that  off my chest!!


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