Little of this and that!

So I have had to re-establish a routine for the boys and that now means that they all sleep at the same time, my little piece of sanity… nights to myself, just me and my book – heaven!

Individual Updates:


Delightful Dylan is my little champ. I have never come across a four-year old with such love and compassion in his heart… I know that I sound like a stuck record but shit he is awesome. He has the most kind nature and goes out of his way for both me and his brothers, actually anyone real close to him. Sometimes when he has a tantrum I find myself getting so annoyed with him and then I need to remind myself that he is ONLY FOUR, I forget this because for the most part he is 25!! His intelligence never stops amazing me, each and every day he will say something that makes me stop dead and make sure that I heard right. His anger has subsided a lot since I took him to Angela and saw Hazel, I am so grateful for the both of them for helping me channel his anger constructively and help him deal with all the issues in his life! I think that I should however take him to Angela again, you know before it all builds up again!


Galloping Grant my eccentric bunny. He has got the cheekiest grin I have ever seen and is so wild I feel like I should have him strapped to me most of the time, he has no fear and looks like he has just come out of the War. He has a black eye, compliments of his brother throwing a toy at him. Then he fell out the window of the car onto his head which grazed on the paving and cut his hand open in the process… oh wait he did not stop there. Last night they decided that they wanted to play “swim-swim” in the bath with a few mm’s of water… so I let the water out after they were becoming a little too wild, I mean I generally have nerves of steel but not when it comes to the tub, just then Grant took a tumble, what part of his body he did NOT hit I am not sure. He hit his head, back, arm and ear which was followed by heaps of tears and my favourite saying in French, I have no idea how to write it though… will follow soon!


Joyful Jason my angelic (looking) child. He has the most beautiful face with an innocence that I cannot explain and an obsession for hair clips… I swear I do not know where he finds the darn things but almost every single day he comes home with one!! I think, or rather know, that I need to enroll him in monkey-nastics, he just loves balancing on his head and jumping about like a true gymnast. He is a very independent boy and insists on doing everything, “MYSELF”. If ever they wanted a model for what happiness is this child would be the one… he is, for the most part, a ball of extreme  happiness! And a dare-devil with minimal fear for most things. I think Jason is most like me in the sense that he needs his sleep and can get rather moody without it, he just does not function without it.


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