iThemba Walkathon – Crusade of Hope – Cancer Walk

Last year I cried my eyes out at the start line, and this year was no different just I had to hide it a little since I was with company. Having lost so many people to Cancer, it is amazing to see the support that comes together for such a great cause! This year there was 50 147 People that walked in the Crusade of Hope…

I love watching people in general so walking with such a large number was fantastic and emotional all at once. You see people from all walks of life doing their bit to raise money for Cancer, standing together with one goal, to reach the finish line… and support for those survivors and sufferers of course!

The boys did so well and all woke up this morning, on their THIRD Birthday, with sore legs, shame! They were so hyper last night it was INSANE, but by 19:10 there was silence throughout.

I love getting the boys involved in these charity events, they need to learn to appreciate what they have, their health being a main one :) we will be doing the CHOC ( Walk on Sunday 31 October too, this one will be 4km’s, a little shorter but for another great cause!!

Days like today I hate working… not because I hate my job but because I wish that I could be spending the boys special day with them… just having quality time as a family. That is when I wish that I could get my own business off the ground so that flexi time was an option :) but alas I work and love it every other day aside from 15 March and 18 October!! 


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