How does one form the habit…

… of keeping a blog up to date. Perhaps I need to adapt the same attitude I did to stop smoking, do it for 22 days consistently and voila a new habit is formed.

So much has happened since I last blogged that I am not sure where to start.

More laughter than tears… more smiles than fights, many magical moments
that will stay forever in my heart!

Perhaps with our AWESOME holiday in Cape Town for three weeks. It was so lovely to be with Dad and Lianne, even though they were a little overwhelmed at the true busyness of the boys, I think that they did enjoy bonding with them. The boys were such a pleasure and I found myself dreading going back to work this year because I knew that I would miss the many hours in a day that we got to spend together doing all things fun. They absolutely LOVED the beach and became true water babies, some nights swimming until 21:00. They even gained confidence of swimming on their own (with water wings), Dylan was jumping in the deep end and swimming to the shallow end, was so great to watch them in action.

I loved building everlasting memories with my boys over December. I don’t think that we really did many super special things but just us bonding over lunch, at the beach or in the big wheel at the Waterfront… that was enough to remain imprinted in my mind for life :).

I enjoyed the fact that there was no routine and that we could stay up late together and not have to fight about it.. that we could be in the pool for three hours at a  time and not feel like we were rushed to be anywhere. We could stay home or go out. We could eat junk food, have a braai, eat sweets and just generally have tons of fun together. We got to visit lots of people and drive around a bit to see the beautiful cape… where my heart really lies. And after the fantastic time that we had there I believe that all three of your precious little hearts could lie there too, I just saw how much you loved it.

Then it was back to reality of JHB, back to work, back to school… you have all grown up so nicely that I love you more and more with each passing day (I do not know how this is actually possible). You amaze me, all three of you, with your intelligence, your drive, your daily passion for life. The smallest things that are overlooked by so many are not seen passed by the Setton boys. Jason and Grant are now in Teacher Hayley’s class and Dylan in Teacher Bonny, all of you are settling in nicely and adapting to your new surroundings slowly. Dylan has even started writing his name now… that makes me ubber proud! Jason & Grant have learnt left from right and all their colours… another small yet remarkable process to watch.

I know that every mother feels the same but I honestly have the cutest kids in the world. I never knew that such  love was possible for another human being let alone another three. They light up my life. They distract me when all else seems so shit. They make me laugh, they make me cry but most of all they complete me in every sense of the word. They are my reason for waking up in the morning. The reason that I am still here. My reason to make a success of my life. My motivation. My inspiration. My reason to appreciate each day that I am alive.  The joy and laughter that they spread amongst all that they meet makes me proud.

I went for coffee last night and I got to chatting about MY boys, as any mother would, and my conclusion was that I am proud of them. Proud of who they are. Proud of their achievements. I just know that they may be live wires and mischievous now but they are boys, they are healthy and one day that will settle into the perfect gentlemen that I know they will be. I have high hopes for them but I also accept the fact that they may not be *exactly* what I want them to be but I promise to love and cherish them no matter where they end up or what they become…

The endless kisses and heart warming I love you’s are what make this journey so worth while. We are a team for life and I love that. I just know that we will always be there for one another no matter what and that makes my heart beat faster than I ever imagined possible!!

I just read over this and realise that the tenses are all messed up and seems I am known to blog all over the place… but that is what was on my mind and how it came out so until next time, be safe!


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