A reason to celebrate… and no it is NOT my birthday!!!!

On this day three years ago I became a single mother.

To most this can be a devastating thing… to me it was the best thing that ever happened! Dylan was 23 months, Jason & Grant were four months. Today they are 4y23m & 3y4m respectively.

I do not often give myself credit for what I have done and continue to do on a daily basis but on this day every year I take time to reflect on where this journey has taken me and how far I have come since this day three years ago. And I gleam with pride and joy at the mother that I am and the boys that my children have become. They truly are my life and soul and I love them to the moon and back times infinity!!

Ask most parents and they will tell you that the bigger the kid, the bigger the problem. I used to wholeheartedly believe this but I am not convinced anymore. I am loving and enjoying the boys now more than I ever have. We truly have fun together and they are on a level of understanding that I am loving. We can negotiate. I can let them help make decisions. We can do interactive activities and they can participate and love it as much as me. I get to relive my childhood through them and enjoy it more the second time around. I get to laugh, often. I get to dance and be silly. I can sing and they think it is lovely. I get to read fairy tales. And use my imagination daily… what more could a parent ask for?

Although sometimes I wish for a break and some time out I do enjoy the fact that I have my boys to share my life with, they truly are my everything and I would not trade them for all the money in the world. I love the fact that they are all mine. That we get to share each and every day together and make memories to last us for a life time.

At times like this I become even more grateful for my own mother who single-handedly raised me for the most part of my life. I take many lessons from how she raised me and the things that I remember from growing up. They are imprinted in my mind for life and I wish the same for me and the boys. If I could just do half the job that my very own mother did then I know that I will be an awesome parent!! Mom – thank you for being a daily *quiet* inspiration in my life… I may not always acknowledge it and I know that I drive you made but please know and take comfort in the following:

I am eternally grateful for the person that you have raised me to be.
I know that I will build great memories with them, as you did with me.
I hope to instil the same values and morals in my boys as you did in me.
I cannot begin to tell you the lessons that I have learnt along the way.
I ask that you guide me (gently) when you see that I am going against the grain.
I pray daily for the strength and wisdom that you had when raising me (and still have to this very day).

And most of all, and I know that you will love this one, take comfort in knowing that I may have given you a hard time growing up but I am getting it back MULTIPLIED BY THREE!!!!!! You had me, I have three.

I use this day to not only reflect on the mother that I am but on the mother that raised me… so that I can be the mother that I am.

I love you for all eternity, my gorgeous family <3


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