OuR *FaBuLoUs* wEeKeNd!

A weekend spent away from home… and it was grand!

Friday night we (Steph, Donovan & I) took all the kids to Spur. Picture three adults, six kids… we were clearly outnumbered but had the most OUTSTANDING waitress. EVER. She was truly AWESOME!! She went beyond the call of duty and made our night a complete success. After Spur we went to Steph’s house for drinks. Off to bed with the boys and laughs for the adults… the three of us are quite the team. Don’s little one refused to sleep but with her being quieter than a mouse it hardly mattered.

Saturday the boys and I went off to Brightwater Commons where we met Russell and Tatum at the Ocean Basket. Renee joined so that was great. Ended up staying there for quite some time and then had to get gifts for the party… Ben, Mark and Anna. It was a great party although the rain meant that we were in and out all the time. The boys had fun and that is the main thing. After that I was supposed to see Craig but alas, he has a penis so let me down… that meant three boys who did not want to go home and a Mom that could not handle the whining that went with it. So I sms’d Steph and she said that we could go there… so back to our home away from home we went! Got the boys some McDonalds on the way and then we made them a bed in the lounge and put a movie on for them. It took them a while to settle but eventually there was the favourite part of the night… silence of sleeping bodies.

Sunday I got woken up with breakfast in bed, heaven. Love my girl Steph! I stayed in bed until 12pm… I think I am moving in. I probably should not have said the last sentence loud as now the boys keep asking me when we are packing and moving there, I have a feeling that they love being there too. When we left there we ended up at Jeff’s house for a visit to collect stuff which ended in a braai with Mom, Jeff, Sebastian, the boys and I. Lovely time spent with lovely people and a wonderful glass of wine. I had every intention of leaving when the sun was up but that never happened and the boys got into a bath and pj’s at Jeff and we headed home at about half past seven… dinner and bed was a breeze :) :).

That was our all eventful weekend. Filled with love and almost felt like there was a ribbon tied around it too!

The boys have settled into a lovely routine *every mother’s dream* they are sleeping more hours and that makes for super pleasant mornings with less grumpy kids. I am loving them more and more each day and I cannot get over the love that I feel. Don’t get me wrong they do drive me mad on occasion and I wish that I could just run away (so NO it is not all lovely coated in flowers), I just find that we are bonding more these days and that there is more of an understanding as they get older. An understanding of one another as brothers and an understanding of the word no… that makes me so happy!

That’s us in a nutshell… well for today anyway.



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