Another weekend of AWESOME-NESS

This weekend past saw us leaving JHB early on Friday and heading to Warmbaths for the weekend to celebrate Dylan’s birthday… along with his cousins, Megan and Melissa-Ann.

I was so excited for our very first camping trip together and best of all to the place that holds so many of my childhood memories! Although the boys knew that we were camping, they never quite understood what that meant. It was rather cute all the questions that followed once the tent was set up. Like, ‘but Mom, where will we sleep?’… like boys, in the tent, under the stars at peace with nature. Soak it up, this was the first of many.

They absolutely loved getting into their costumes as the sun was setting and heading to the Hydro. It was a whole new concept, swimming at night, at peace with nature and under the stars again. They were doing somersaults into the pool which was just adorable and even had their first shower… with no tears, only excitement! Got to love being out of your comfort zone… think I need to become a Gypsy for my sanity and peace of mind. After a good two hours of swimming all the kiddies were showered and in pj’s ready to eat dinner and crash, mind you the adults were not far behind. Back to camp for hotdogs and juice. And then silence fell, with not a moan or groan. Just three passed out bodies after an eventful day! This trip did make me truly grateful that we did not drive to Cape Town… whatever was I thinking???

Saturday morning some more of the family was joining us for the day so we had breakfast and then got ready to head to the slides and outdoor swimming pools. Sue, Lorryn and Gary were our additional guests :). I was not sure how the boys would handle the slides but I kept quiet and made a hype about it so they were rather excited… test one, the super tubes… passed!! They LOVED it and wanted to go again and again. Then it was the bacon slides, another hit, for them, not for me… I am not a fan of the impact once the ride is done! Finally we went on the lazy pool thing, it was ok, not worth the wait if you ask me and the boys also preferred the super tubes and bacon slides. At least I got lots of exercise going up the stairs and from pool to pool. Jason & Grant were so tired that they lay on the grass amongst the chaos and fell into a deep slumber while waiting for lunch. All I wanted was to close my eyes but I did the motherly thing and spent the hour and a half with Dylan, big boy bonding! He loved our time together and we went down the slides, into the pools and backwards and forwards to where ever he wanted… love my rock star!

After lunch (bananas in cheese rolls *YUM*) it was back to the pools, slides and open air. Greg got one of those boats and the boys had lots of fun getting in and then jumping ship, too cute that the same thing over and over and over can amuse them for hours… I think Darling did have some regrets about starting that after the 100th time of putting them back in the boat!! And so Gary the Shark took over, they just love male attention. Eventually I actually had enough of the water but try convince the boys of that one… *almost* impossible task that, I got it right after about 45 minutes. And then it was time for the additional day visitors to leave and we were hungry too so packed up and headed back to camp for food and juice.

The thing that I love most about camping is coming back to site and the feeling of pure relaxation :) little piece of heaven. We made dinner and decided to give the night-time swimming a miss and compensated with marshmallows on the braai covered in chocolate… what a great way to end our last night under the stars. In some ways I think that camping has become too modern, what with electricity and people hooking up DSTV dishes, I mean really! Why not just pitch a tent in your garden… so takes away from the experience.

Sunday morning we all woke up exhausted. So we lazed about and slowly got breakfast on the go. The boys ventured off with Greg to wash dishes and I took that as the prime chance to pack up the tent, blankets and bags. Bless their little hearts for wanting to help but some things are just easier done alone and I was glad that I did it while they were gone, it was quick and painless. Took me all of 15 minutes to get everything in the car and it fitted better than before, added bonus. We were in no rush to leave but also too tired to swim… the boys were not too impressed with me but such is life, I made it up to them but that comes later. By the time we had eaten breakfast, packed up camp and fitted everything into our cars we had all worked up a lunch appetite so decided to eat before we got on the road. We headed to where the jungle gyms were so the kids could run wild, tire themselves out and hopefully sleep for most of the journey back… sometimes us parents are so smart! And with that lunch and juice was served, running around was complete and it was into the car for the ride home… with sleeping kids, yipeee!!

Back to making the missed swimming up. The boys just love their Aunty Steph and so on-route I asked if I could take them to her house to swim and we ended up sleeping there again… that made them forget everything and they were happy to be at their home away from home. They even got hair cuts and went to sleep pretty easily. I love having such awesome people in my life, like Steph. We sat at the pool with all the boys and sipped wine and spoke. It makes my soul happy to have people like her to share my life with and most of all someone who totally gets me… as a mother, friend and with all my issues. StephAnie-Now-Now, you rock my world.

I think that is all I have to say on the subject really.


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