Wacky, Wonderful Wednesday…

I have had a somewhat awesome week actually now that I take the time to think about it and I know that it is only going to get better… I just have a feeling. Been connecting with friends and laughing a little more than usual, I love it when that happens.

For a change, last night saw Jason in the wars… he sprained his finger quite badly whilst being a monkey on a railing, got to love the joys of boys. And while on the subject of boys, I am so in love with mine… I think that I may have mentioned that before though. They are divine little beings that make my world go around. Their enquiring minds, free spirits and wonder of the world amaze me daily. I love the boys that they are becoming and the growth that I am seeing in them. Next week Tuesday, Dylan will be five (going on 40 of course). I cannot believe that he is so big already! Steph has decided that on Saturday she is going to have a little birthday braai for him, I’m keeping it a secret, can’t wait to see his face. And then the cake baking will happen on Sunday :):) He wants a Fire Engine, I’m thinking of a ‘5’… let’s see who wins. I know that he will love it either way. They really are so easy to please, these Setton Boys.

It was Granny Stompie’s birthday today and got the boys to sing to her over the phone, the precious moments that make up my life! Our night also meant a surprise dinner with my Mom, I just love spending time with her, aside from my boys she is my reason to live, to carry on and to stand up and fight. She may be turning 50 soon but she is the youngest 50 I know and she NEVER gives up. EVER.

Short and sweet for WWW :)


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