Thankful Thursday

I am stealing this idea from Vanilla Blonde as I think that it is so important that we count our blessings and Thankful Thursday sure is better than Phuza Thursday… or perhaps a combined effort of both.

I have so much to be thankful for it actually scares me at points. I have three gorgeous, healthy, perfect boys. Sure they can be defiant and drive me up the wall (actually to drink, it fits with the day ;)) but at the end of the day if they see a doctor once a year that is a lot. They are excelling at school and their intelligence *give me strength to channel it* is remarkable.

I have a mother. The best one in the world might I add. She is ALWAYS there for me and off the top of my head I can only think of two separate occasions where we have not spoken to each other. We speak every day and every conversation *even if it is the tenth one of the day* ends with, ‘I love you’. I honestly consider my mom as my best friend and appreciate her even more now that I am a mother myself. I take great lessons and values from her and she inspires me to carry on despite any circumstance I am faced with. I often watch her in amazement and quietly draw from her inner strength I wish that I had. I know that times are so hard for her and yet she hardly ever complains… in fact when she does, and we are all entitled too, people often wonder who she is! I have had people ask me if she ever gets really mad, rather amusing.

I have a father. Although we had walked a long and hard path together we are very close. I love my Dad and as cliché as it is he is my hero. He never was but now I ooze with pride at the man that he has finally become. He is a nut and I don’t know how my mother ever put up with him for 14 years, they are chalk and cheese really but the greatest of friends. My Dad is a true nutter. He works his butt off though and has built himself up from nothing… I would love to write a book on him, he thinks it would be boring, I know it would be a best seller. It is not every person that you meet who can tell stories such as moving to Cape Town and living in a cave on the beach, with the ocean as a bath and source of food.

I’d rather not go into all my reasons to be thankful in one post… next week I will post the next three!


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  1. Oh wow – I’m so glad I could inspire “Thankful Thursdays”

    Thank you for reading my blog – means a lot!

    Beautiful post you have here

    Vanilla Blonde

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