Let’s rewind to 2006

It was 14 March 2006 and I was HUGE, uncomfortable and sore… so it was off to the gynae for my routine pregnancy check up. Little did I know the news that this particular visit would hold. The most wonderful news that I ever heard. Baby is ready to embrace the world!!! Be here at 7am tomorrow and we will start the induction. This boy needs to come out.

WHAT?? Did I hear right? I am FINALLY going to be a mom. Something that I always knew would be my reality one day… granted I never expected it so soon. And now, five years down the line, I can still feel that excitement, pride and pure amazement at the boy who came into this world at 20:10 on the 15 March 2006. I will never forget the awesome nurse who sang Happy Birthday to my cone-shaped alien. My baby boy who was in the birth canal refusing to come out for so long that his head became oblong. I remember taking one look at him and crying. Crying tears of joy. Amazed at his feet and the amount of hair that he had. It truly was love at first site. I am ever so grateful that my mom got to be there with me. Share that moment when her baby became a mother. She will never know what it meant to have her by my side…

I often look at my boy and wonder why time has to go so fast. And I reflect on the time that we have had together. The hardships that he has faced. And the boy that he is. Dylan Lloyd Setton, you rock your mom’s world… in a big way. You have ALWAYS amazed me with your intelligence and sheer determination and enquiring mind. You have come out of your shell and I am proud of the boy that you strive to be daily. I know that you will go far in life and hey, even if you don’t I promise to love you for all eternity.

Thank you for truly melting my heart daily and being the world’s greatest big brother. I hope that you had a fabulous birthday my gorgeous son.

I love you with all my heart

P.S I won the cake choice and he loved it all the same :) he makes me feel like the world’s greatest baker.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stunning!

    Happy Birthday to your boy and Happy Birth Giving Day!
    (I always wish my mom that on my birthday ;-)

    Vanilla Blonde

  2. settoncrew says:

    I love that, Happy Birth Giving Day – your mom is lucky to have such an awesome daughter who appreciates her so much!

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