Friends are FOOD for the SOUL!

Last night in celebration of Dylan’s birthday, he got to choose what he wanted for dinner and stay up late… I think it is the little things that make birthdays so special when you are small.

I will get to the friends bit now. First, yesterday when I arrived at my mom, *we stop there daily on the way home* I got out the car and my awesome, fantastic, super special mother HUGGED me so hard and told me that I am such a good mother. Thanks mom. I needed that. I did have to ask why though. And she said just because of all the things that I do for my boys.

Back to the friends. You know when you meet someone and you just connect and a beautiful friendship forms from there. I feel that way about Renee. We just connected. Last night she came over for dinner, wine and to celebrate Dylan’s birthday… it was ground breakingly awesome. The boys made sure to keep her very busy and make her look like she never ate her food, which they thought was rather funny. Grant even warmed up and joined in the fun. Jason is still sussing the scene, funny child that. Eventually the boys went to sleep and there was silence so we got to chatting and really enjoying the wine without the constant worry of it being knocked over by one of the boys… funny that, it is like anything BUT the wine, really, bash me in the ribs but mind the wine.

Last night was about sharing stories of the past and many laughs as I learnt things about my friend I never knew… that in itself is always quite a refreshing thing. Expanding your knowledge on people who you care about! I find it amazing that a simple glass of wine, a chat and laughter can *momentarily* make you forget about everything else and for those moments life is perfect and there is not a stress in the world! I love that feeling.


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