Awesome Day #4: It is Monday. And I am home.

Knowing that it is a week day and yet you can rightfully stay home, awesome!

And we even got a little bit of sunshine for the boys to enjoy :). We were at Steph’s place, that means garden, jungle gym, trampoline… heaven for five little boys that have been indoors for most of the weekend. They played solid for a good two hours and then it was time to come inside as a chill filled the air. I love the dynamics that five boys provide. For the most part they get along just fine, except when they hungry *does that ever change?* or tired.

It was time for lunch and then we convinced them to be still and quiet for a while. That resulted in me having three boys piled all over me as they dozed off one by one. I loved that. It was pure awesome in itself. I cherish those cuddle moments. The moments when I get to hold them close and smooch them without them moaning. They napped like that for about an hour and a half… three piles of cuteness!

After Steph we stopped at Jeff’s place to see him and Granny. The boys are like me, I have withdrawals if I do not see my mom often. I love her to the moon and back times infinity. Two cups of tea and catching up and we were off to home for our Monday night Survivor tradition. It is the one night of the week that the boys are allowed to stay awake late and watch tv… they love it and I do too. It has become a bonding thing that we automatically do.

One of the many traditions I hope to keep up and of course keep adding too.


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