Awesome Day #5: My Gran

In my eyes, I have the world’s greatest Granny. She has always been so fun, so caring and so very wise.

I remember spending December’s in Cape Town with her in the flat, overlooking the ocean. We would sit on the porch for hours, eating, chatting and just enjoying each others company… not much has changed. It is rather exhausting these days though as she is not mobile but alas I still love a chat with my Gran. And boy does she love to feed a person. Spur thinks you need to go there hungry… they aint got nothing on my Granny and her awesome cooking.

She may be turning 87 this year but she still has that sparkle in her eye when she talks and I love listening to her stories of when she was growing up. And although way outdated, I love listening to how she raised my mother, aunt and uncle. I love the way that she thinks I should do the same. And I love smiling at her and agreeing… it brings her joy. She does not need to know that times have changed as they have. All she really needs to know is that I love her. And I appreciate everything that she does for the boys and I.

Gran, Nonna… we love you x

I am so grateful that she is still around. Still here to see my boys and bask in the glory of being a Great Grandmother. The joy that they bring her makes me so happy. Makes me smile from the inside. I love to sit and watch her, watching them. And feeding them. Did I mention that she loves feeding people? Nothing makes her heart beat faster than sitting around a table and watching us, my little family, eat each and every grain on our plate with a smile on our face… I honestly think I need to mention, again, that she really loves feeding people.

That is my Gran in a nutshell and I hope that we have at least a few more years together x


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