Awesome Day #6: Planet Fitness

We have a love, hate relationship gym and I. At the moment it is love and I know that if I keep it up, the hate will slowly disappear and love will conquer… so darn cliché but oh so true. And I will be happy with my exterior while feeling good from the interior.

I woke up this morning with a slightly aching body from yesterday’s workout but it feels AWESOME to know that, as the old saying goes, no pain, no gain. And back from another session… I do love building up a sweat knowing that I am working toward something, my ideal weight and then to tone and maintain it.

I have decided to take on the scary task of before and after photos… in a bikini. Eeeeeek! I shall spare you the trauma and NOT post them, oh who am I kidding, I would NEVER post them, EVER! Perhaps the after one’s :).


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