Awesome Day #7: Thankful Thursday

I really think that this idea is awesome and so I will continue using Thursdays to give thanks throughout the 30 Days of Awesome challenge. Thanks again Bailey Schneider for sparking a wonderful thing :).

This week I am thankful for the following:

1) My health. I find that I moan and groan about the little bit of extra weight here and there or that my knees ache occasionally but in all honesty I am in perfect health. I have watched many people I love suffer and battle their health daily and that comes as a painful *yet welcome* reminder that I am indeed one of the lucky one’s that can count my health as a blessing and be truly thankful for it. I have two legs that carry me where I need to go. Two arms that allow me to embrace my children and function in day-to-day life. A pair of eyes with 20/20 vision that allow me to admire the scenery of daily life, take it all in, this beauty that we call earth. A pair of ears in perfect working order that allowed me to hear my boys’ first words, allow me to hear their laughter when I tickle them. When last were you thankful for the small things that we take for granted?

2) My friends. I do not have a huge circle of friends. But I have friends that will stand by my side no matter what. I have the long-standing one’s… you know the one’s that have been there since I was six. I have the one’s that are there everyday. I have the one’s that I can see once a month and yet if feels like we saw each other just the other day. I have an odd bunch of friends, each unique in their own way and each so different, yet each as special as the next. I love all of you!

3) Love. I love being surrounded by love. The love of family. The love friends. The love of my boys. The love of my job. The love that I am slowly building up for my life. The day that I learnt what real love was, outside of the love that you feel for parents and friends, was the day that Dylan was born (and later Jason & Grant). I was overpowered with love. It was at that moment that I realised that I had never loved before… as much as I wanted to believe that I had. I have since *almost* felt that feeling again and I hold onto the *silly girlie* hope that one day I will feel it again and fall hopelessly in love for the rest of my life.


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