Awesome Day #10: Virtual Friends

I am a day behind… I am writing this on Monday… I could not find anything awesome in my life yesterday. And then it hit me and I wondered why it had taken me a full day to realise just how awesome they are, my virtual girlies.

I chose the above picture for this post as it represents how I felt yesterday… I was falling in a bad way and my girlies, they gathered around me and held me up. Caught my tears and did not let go until they felt I had some strength to hold myself up again.

I had an emotional breakdown yesterday, I cried for four straight hours. Until my eyes were puffy and I just had no more tears left in me. And they, the virtual girles, most of whom I have never met, they were there for me. They helped me get through the day and let me know that it was ok to cry. Ok to feel like a failure and the worst mother in the world. And they made sure to remind me that although I was having a horrid day, I truly am a good mom and I just need to keep the faith. And I know that somehow, somewhere and with their support, things will get better.

To each and every single one of you, you have no idea what all your words meant to me. Thank you. And I only hope that one day I can be there for you as much as you were there for me yesterday.


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  1. Kooksie says:

    You truly are an amazing person! So strong and brave and the bestest friend I could ever ask for! It’s okay to have down days… I’ll always be there for you – if not in body then in spirit, to help you as best I can!

    Love you friend!!

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