Awesome Day #11: Lunch with a view

How AWESOME to sit on the verandah and enjoy my lunch with the view of the garden. Granted the garden at work is not as nice as the one in the photo but it was peaceful and a great change from staring at the PC while wolfing down my lunch.

Today I decided to take 15 minutes, eat slowly and enjoy. And the chairs, I shall have to take a picture and post it, they are heavenly loungers type chairs with giant cushions. I love a chair that makes me feel lost because of its size. It reminds me of my childhood when you used to sit and your feet could never touch the floor… I am so in love with that feeling.

I think that from now on I might just be enjoying lunch on the verandah more often.


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  1. Kooksie says:

    I also love sitting in big chairs where your feet don’t touch the floor… I guess as taller people, it doesn’t happen to us very often and that’s why we like it ;) xx

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