Awesome Day #12: Survivor Finale

It is a bitter-sweet kind of awesome… the night that it all ends. I particularly enjoyed last night as it was spent at my Mom’s house, just her and I. It was just what I needed, some nurturing from my Mom.

I think that Bob was very deserving of the Million Dollars. Being the oldest ever winner of Survivor is quite and achievement and from the interview he was very humbled by the fact that he had won. I was sad that Susie threw the spanner in the works, I liked her up to the point that she won the last immunity challenge. She was far to ‘throw it in your face’ with that. Although I will give her the fact that she played a quiet game… that worked for her. I think that Sugar deserved the sprint player award, she played a great game, and although not liked by many of the competitors, she got my vote.

Short and sweet. Until the next season x


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