Awesome Day #16: BLOGS

Top FOUR blogs I can’t go without reading:

Never Never Land

Kelle Hampton

Vanilla Blonde

Libby Ryder

Each of the above have such a different style of blogging and I cannot go a day without popping in for new posts. Thanks for the laughter, tears, joy and surprise that each one of you bring to the blogging world.

1. Wendy Makebelieve, I look forward to many more shared memories. I love the simple, yet gripping way in which you blog. You have a great way with words.

2. Kelle Hampton, I was touched by Nella’s birth story and have been hooked ever since. You make me want girlies, as pretty and precious as yours. You inspire me to create ever lasting memories with my own kids… I love reading about your adventures. Both Lainey and Nella are truly the most gorgeous girls ever.

3. Bailey Schneider, I have always been drawn to your laugh on the radio and would still love to meet you one day. I enjoy your stories and the way in which you tell them. Your excitement and passion for life is contagious.

4. Libby Ryder, having watched many people go through the battle of Cancer in my life I was drawn to your blog through Kelle Hampton’s. You have a gorgeous daughter and I am glad that your blog has had to find a new direction, a Cancer free one. P.S The pixie cut is FANTASTIC. You look GORGEOUS!!


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