Awesome Day #17: The Great African Outdoors

We often forget the beauty that surrounds us if we are just willing to explore. Sunday found the boys, Mom, Jeff and I off for an adventure at the Hennops Pride. Surrounded by nature, a free-flowing river, pools, braai area and lots of open space, and let’s not forget great company… pure awesome!

I love making memories as such with the boys and I love the fact that I can laze on a mattress while they go wild in the pool, happiness is… when we have a little space from each other. And then get to bond over great food and good laughs all round. I love watching my boys embrace the freedom that comes with the outdoors and their confidence in water as the splashed about in the *not so* baby pool that took them up to their chins… they never even asked for water wings, little stars.

I also love watching the many families building the same memories with their kids and catching the eyes of my day neighbour and smiling as we realise that we take equal pleasure in the events of a day in the sun, a day surrounded by nature, a day of pure pleasure as the kids can run wild, scream and not be restricted to small spaces and quiet like at home.

P.S I will have to add pictures once I get them from my Mom :).


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