Awesome Day #18: Simplicity

I am alive and I am well, as are those whom I love most in this life. That alone makes today awesome.

Awesome means that which inspires awe. Awe is an emotion comparable to wonder but less joyous, and more respectful. In general awe is directed at objects considered to be more powerful than the subject.

My life is awesome. I may doubt this at times but I know deep down that it is. I live in awe of where I am today. I find myself feeling that I have not accomplished the things that I longed for when growing up and then I am reminded that The Universe had other plans… the plan that involves my three gorgeous boys!

The same one’s that…
* make me laugh daily.
* sneak into my bed for morning cuddles.
* provide warmth of the heart in so many ways.
* make sure I remember life is about quality and not quantity.
* make me mad yet I know that I could never live without them.
* I want to squeeze to death, sometimes out of anger but mostly out of love.
* make me cry, sometimes sad tears but mostly tears of absolute joy and pure pride.
* remind me to enjoy the simple things, like a new flower blooming or the beauty of rain.
* remind me to leave my past behind, if it had played out the way I wanted I would not have them.

To the simplicity *that is actually complicated* of my life. And the joys of my three gorgeous boys!

No matter what, I love you SETTON BOYS more than life itself. I will strive to do the best and be the best that I can, not *really* for me but for you. xxx


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