Awesome Day #20: ExCiTeMeNt

*This post is actually for 6 April… since I do my posting from my phone in the comfort of me bed and I am only home this morning, please forgive the double post for today*

I used to feel guilty when I had a night off from the boys… thinking it would have long-term effects. I have now realised, over the past year that I need to have the time to be Candice. And I enjoy my nights off with *non-guilty* pleasure.

Tonight I indulged in dinner at Koi in Rosebank. The food was lovely and so was the company. We chatted while I sipped a Cosmopolitan, ate corn and chicken soup while chatting some more and then I had sushi for mains while my ‘date’ had beef something or another… I was actually a little sad that I went with sushi as his food looked way better than mine *side note taken*.

After dinner I went to Andrew for tea and we sat chatting until half past twelve this morning. He really is good for my soul that boy. I love having a best friend that I can share anything with. There was no power and so we sat in candle light enjoying the occasional silence between the chatter and the peaceful atmosphere that comes with no lights, radios and tv’s blaring in the background!! I could do that life, surrounded by the sounds of nature and two friends sharing stories of thier day. I love you my bestest!!

So all in all a great night and a super way to bring in a Thursday :)


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