Awesome Day #22: Change

I have always found change to be an awesome thing… and so I embark on it with a skip in my step and a smile on my face.

So I have changed from tom boy to heels and dresses, heels and jeans, heels and skirts… did I mention the heels? I even wear make up on the odd occasion, finding the inner girlie in me. Chopped off ALL my hair, because I can. I am only sad that I forgot that the whole reason I grew it to begin with was to donate a Cancer wig… so the growing begins again and thankfully that is a quick process since I have hair that grows like weeds. And I have taken to late nights of drinking tea with my bestest in exchange for a party. I even got the eyebrow ring that I have always wanted. And now the latest thing that I am wanting to change is the name of this blog. I am bored of the ‘Crazy Setton Life’… so watch this space as I gather ideas and get the creative juices flowing…

So far, Kooksie has suggested Raindrops on Roses, along the lines of ‘If a raindrop was a kiss, I’d send you a storm’.

Do you have any suggestions?


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