Awesome Day #24: Supercalifragelistic Sunday!

A lazy morning in and breakfast with my boys. Just what I ordered for a perfect start to Sunday :).

We spent a bit of time at home bonding over the lazy feel of Sunday and then headed out for lunch with Mom and Jeff. We went to one of my favourite spots, Norscott Manor. The boys absolutely love it there and with the jungle gyms, bikes, jumping castle and sandpit… So do I. Richard has developed new kids bikes and since it is still in test phases he needed three kids (there are three different versions) to test them on… Sometimes three is a great number. They absolutely loved whizzing around on their bikes and creating unspoken imaginary games, I will give them that, they don’t need much to entertain a great day of fantasy play. I will never forget the first time that Jason & Grant were introduced, by Dylan, to the world of makebelieve, their faces of pure confusion as big brother gave them sweets… but their hands were still empty? Dylan picked it up and stepped it up as big brother and explained to them that it was makebelieve, bless his loving heart.

When we left, although exhausted, I could see that the boys were super keen to do some more riding on their bikes and so we stopped at Zoo Lake to ride around there, admire some more of the great outdoors and use up some of that never-ending energy that comes with three little boys. Exercise for me too so I was not complaining too loud :). And then on the way home, as if we had not had enough time outdoors, we popped into the park close to our house so that they could slide down the slide (that is SO HIGH, I crap myself)… I then joined then on the merry-go-round, I love re-living just a little of my childhood through them and I love how much they giggle when Mom (the big kid) jumps on and joins in the fun!!

Off to home with four tired souls that loved the great outdoors yet again. Bath, dinner, play and bed. After yet another awesome day with my very special, energetic boys.


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  1. shannhermie says:

    You’ve got to love a bit of makebelieve :D xx

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