Awesome Day #26: Connecting with friends from far away places

Although *generally* under not so cool circumstances. My friend is here from America. Tonight I got to hug him, share stories of where life has taken us since we last saw one another, the good and the bad.

It is unfortunate that the reason he came to SA this time was because his Mom was very sick and unfortunately passed away last week. Death is such an ordinary part of life and yet when the time comes to say goodbye to the one’s we love it never get’s any easier… especially when it is a parent that was your best friend. H & E were the greatest of friends, often seen going to movies together and always chatting, laughing and sharing everything about their lives. A mother and son relationship that I wish for myself and the boys. H gave her whole life to her kids and I know that although they were blessed to have her, she was equally blessed to have them. H accomplished so much in her life, was loved by many and made us all very proud with her sheer determination and go-getter attitude. A talented and loved lady. H you will be missed. Forever in our hearts you remain!

Watching someone you love cry is never an easy task. When that happens to be a fully grown man, it breaks your heart even more. E, I am glad that you are not afraid of the tears, embrace them my friend and know that we are here for you, ALWAYS. I know that your Mom will be watching over you and smiling at the man that you are. Watching over you and D. She will be with you when you are lonely back home. She will be there when you need her, reach out and speak to her.

It was such a lovely evening and I only wish that he was here for longer so we could have many more chats and laughs. Alas, I know that life has taken him on a different journey and he needs to go home at some point. I will miss you my beloved friend. I love you so much. You are awesome and truly missed here in SA. And yet we are happy for you and wish you all the best, always. Find the title within and follow your heart E. I pray that things come together in a big way for you when you get back… I know that they will, keep the faith.

Love you now and forever x


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