Awesome Day #30: The End

30 Days gone by so fast. When I started the challenge I thought that it would drag out forever and now that I bid thee farewell it feels as though it went by all too soon.

What I did I take away from the challenge?

That no matter how bad your day seems there is ALWAYS a silver lining of awesome. This challenge changed my mind-set a little and forced me to find the good within my life, I loved it.

It made me realise…
that beauty surrounds me daily, I just need to find it.
that there is no time like NOW to create what I want in my life.
how much I have in my life and how much there is still to discover.

It made me appreciate…
the people, family and friends, that stand by me.
the small things that are actually a large part of my life.
my boys and the memories that we are making along the way.

To ALL the goodness in my life and the people that surround me, thank you.

I am actually sad to say goodbye to this challenge and look forward to doing it again one day…


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