My Mom worked in a Chidren’s Home in Cape Town and that is mostly where I grew up. There was a lady there, Margaret, who used to look after me, nurture me and love me.

I remember watching my friend Margaret with her two boys, Quinn and Jett, and taking a little mental note of the way that they built memories. She is one of the greatest Mom’s I am ever so glad to have in my life. I was reminded of this particular memory when I read Kelle Hampton’s post on the boombox in thr garage. I LOVE music, it feeds my soul. And although I’m a terrible singer and possibly an even worse dancer, I can’t but help but put the music on and dance with my kids.

Now that was the memory of M and the boys, the one day they all choose a record to play (Phil, the dad, has an awesome collection of records) and they danced, and they laughed and the love that they felt for one another was so clear in that moment that I etched a mental note to dance with my own kids one day. And that day arrived, way sooner than I’d anticipated but true to my word I danced with my boys and we still dance and they love it and in all the sillyness I love it too.

To see the happiness that it brings them. The giggles and the bum shakes. Bless the bum shakes. Grant actually has awesome rhythm if he would learn to not watch us other clumsy three. Dylan calls a slow dance, hand in hand, raving? Heaven only knows. And Jason remains the clown that he always is… Especially on the dance floor :).

And so I create my own memories with the boys and we dance, we sing and we laugh! They truly are my life those three little beings.

*sidenote* I heard two of my male friends refer to their mother as their best friend and I look forward to the years that the boys and I have to work toward that.


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  1. shannhermie says:

    Gotta love a good sing and dance :)

  2. settoncrew says:

    So similar to your Gleek post. Freaky. When I read that I could not believe it… and on the same day?

    Twin souls indeed.

    Love you Kooksie x

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