I seem to be blog’ing a lot about simple things in my life these days, truth is that’s what keeps me going and the boys are thriving on it too, all round win situation!

I love how much the boys love it when an ordinary week day is spent together instead of at work and school… Again the small things that make a big difference, in their lives and mine. Although they can be boisterous and a handful, I love that we have these extra days together :). And who knows what memories are waiting for us to create and explore.

Today we had a simple day and they were in kiddie heaven… That in turn makes me in Mommy heaven as we enjoyed the time apart and the cuddles and times together. By apart I mean them in the play room and me on the porch with a cup of tea and great company…. And as Grant said, “Mr Sun is out” what a way to soak up the day together. My boys are generally quite affectionate *perhaps I forced them to love it when they were small?* but today for some reason they were EXTRA affectionate and I so took advantage of all the kisses and cuddles that were being dished out. Maybe it is because I let them have a piece of chocolate after breakfast? Maybe it is because we are all in holiday mode? Maybe it is because they sense that I just need a little more loving? Maybe it is because they sense the awesome change that awaits? I think a large part is just because. Because we really do love each other more than anything in the whole wide world. That makes my heart sing. So loud.

A sure sign of a good day is when they fall asleep *pass out* by 19:00, a rare occasion that I love witnessing as I know that the day was so fun and adventure filled that they just can’t keep those little eyes open anymore. And I love putting their already sleeping bodies in bed and getting lots of extra kisses and cuddles without so much as a groan. And I tuck them in and announce to the silent room that they are loved and treasured and I look forward to the new day and what it holds in store for us.

Sleep nice my lovelies x

P.S Dylan, my oldest, gave me a massage today. WOW! I have started him a piggy bank for each time he gives me one. I have to pay the kid with real money that’s how GOOD it was. You rock my world xxx


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