~ Four Day Catch Up ~

I never used to blog daily and since I have started I almost feel guilty that I have not done so in four days… but it is a sure sign of pure busyness and I have truly soaked up the time with my family and friends.

Saturday – I decided to take the boys to Lonewolf Spur for a while so that they could run wild and have fun. We ordered food and the entire restaurant came to a holt when my boys asked *shouted* for their veggies… the waiter nearly passed out and said most kids send them back, what can I say? I have never denied the fact that I have strange kids, lol. Needless to say they were filthy dirty and had a blast.

We then stopped in at my sister for afternoon tea. So great to catch up and see my gorgeous nephews, we have five boys between us and they formed such great bonds on Saturday, was great to watch. My sister and I never grew up together and have only really connected since both having kids so I guess with each visit we form new bonds too, love it :). If ever there was blood that was chalk and cheese it is her and I but we find the common ground in being mother’s and that is awesome.

Sunday – You see… this is why I blog daily… I cannot for the life of me remember what we did on Sunday? Anyone have any clues for me? LOL

Monday – The Easter Bunny paid a late visit and so the boys woke up to the fun of egg hunting this morning and they loved it and of course had to eat every single thing that they found… kids will be kids. Picnic in the park and the weather played along… As you know by now, I love picnics. We went to a park we had never been too and the boys loved every minute of it. There was so much for them to explore and with it being completely fenced off I felt a little more relaxed than usual, added bonus. They were a little sad to leave but that is a part of life and we will be back… there is no doubt about that.

After that we went through to Rosebank to meet Mom and Jeff for coffee before they went to a movie. Andrew joined us too, yay! I love being surrounded by love, it makes me happy!

Tuesday – I was supposed to work today. Selina had to go home for a funeral and that means no one to watch the boys for me this week as they are on school holidays. So my work phone is diverted and I have my pc and hard drive at home. I kind of enjoyed working from home. Being with the boys. And I accomplished all I had to :). Granted there were moments of frustration and the continuos reminder that I am actually working.


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