Freedom Day

Another Public Holiday in the midst of Easter… this one signifies quite an aweosme thing that happened in 1994 in South Africa. Although I was super young, I remember standing in the queues with my family (Mom, Aunt, Uncle). The air was filled with excitement and general friendliness, what a great vibe.

My kidlets are still a little young to explain all these things too but I can’t wait to share with them the History that I have been a part of. I was never a HIstory fan at school even though I took it to Matric but I think that it is a whole different ball game when you were actually there… makes it real.

Our day consisted of NOTHING!!! We managed to laze around at home the entire day in our pj’s and it was GREAT! The boys were so well bahaved and all fast asleep by 19:00, sure sign of business and fun. I snuggled up in bed with my book wihle the silence of sleeping babes filled the air. I have become so addicted to reading again, it is bad in a way as I end up reading until 2am most nights, rather that than TV though.

Short and sweet for today.


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