Thankful Thursday: Being with the Boys

Today I am thankful that I got to be at home with the boys when I should of been at the office… yes I was working but I was there for them when they fell, needed lunch or even just a day time cuddle. It is going to be a huge challenge being back in the office from next week, I’m really not looking forward to it and I pray that May goes super fast so that I can at least be on half day and enjoy the afternoon’s with them… is it June 1st yet? LOL

Lunch with a difference. Today I took lunch in the garden and not just a meal but an actual planting expedition with three very precious little rascals, my boys. Just like me they sure do take pleasure out of the smaller things in life, like planting flowers for example and just having some extra time together, it makes our world’s go around and I love that they have those beautiful qualities that my mom instilled in me.

Is it bad that they hooked on TV all of a sudden? Perhaps it is just the novelty though since we don’t have one at home… It is kind of cute watching three sets of eyes glued to their new favourite cartoons and I find it truly amazing that this was the second day and they already know what comes next, lol. They been watching Cbeebies and I find some of those shows quite educational actually, I’m impressed. I think that this has been the best Easter holiday we have had together, simply because I have been able to work from home, unplanned and awesome.

Current fav on Cbeebies: Big cook, little cook

And when I tucked them into bed, more cuddles, kisses and loves were given and was *again* reminded how thankful I am to have three of the most gorgeous boys in the world.

*Side Note* The other day I had the boys in a trolley, casually strolling through the mall when some women stopped me and said, ‘Shame three boys? Don’t tell me they triplets too?’ There is no shame in my three boys and if they were triplets, what difference would it make? She can be lucky I never punched her face in and said that’s a shame. Sjoe, sorry about that. Needed to get that out there. People should think before they talk. Really.


One Comment Add yours

  1. shannhermie says:

    Sound like it was a lovely day!… Even if you were working.

    *Side note* Your side note is hilarious :P xx

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