A Gentle Push of Encouragement

This morning in the car I was reminded that sometimes all we need is the smallest, gentle push to reach out for what we need.

Dylan was trying to reach his car on the dashboard and all it took was for me to place my hand on his lower back and offer a little push of encouragement. I never pushed him forward at all and yet with my hand offering support he felt confident enough to reach out for the car. Ok, so this is maybe a silly thing to ‘want’ but I believe that if we offer encouragement on the smaller things in life; then those around us will know that they can come to us for the support that they need for the bigger things.

This brings me to the wants and needs of life. Kids these days are so messed up and I believe it is because we have not given an accurate description of a want and a need. In the past kids needed love, now they need a play station. Denying a need is far worse than denying a want. We need to remind our kids the difference between a need and a want, define it properly for them so that when their wants are denied, it is clear that it was a want. Think about it, you need love and if that is denied you are bound to feel pooey and down in the dumps but when a want is denied *like the big garden that I want* we know that we have to work toward a want, the ‘rejection’ is not as bad. I hope I am making sense here?

Ok so if my description of need vs want is not very clear, you can click on the above image and it will explain it a little better than I did… if you got what I meant then there is probably no need :).

Another lovely day spent with my boys and the start to what promises to be a great weekend filled with adventures, love and family.

Until next time x.


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  1. Lovely post. I liked this: “Denying a need is far worse than denying a want.”

    Have a good weekend!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

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