I have realised that sometimes…

… It is ok to have nothing really to blog about.

Our day started by waking up at 9am and staying cuddled in bed together until 10:30am, perfect for a chilly Saturday morning. Then we tidied up around the house a bit and went to Wimpy, that’s about it really. Nothing too special and nothing very eventful. A day spent with my cousin and her kids and for that the kids will remember the simple, uneventful day that we had.

I have had a draining day with my own emotions and thought I’d never feel this much pain again for a while to come. One simple message and my rollercoaster ride for the day began. Right now all I want is to crawl into my bed and read. Or cry. I need to cry. I need to release what I’m feeling right now. I know that it is good for my kids to see my emotion but I feel that when I can’t explain it in relation to them, then it needs to be hidden. I feel like my feelings are a little unjustified . I feel like I’m being the worlds biggest idiot. I feel confused. Hurt. Angry. Shocked. Terrified. Hurt. Oh wait I said that already but I truly am hurt.

I think that I was blind about the situation as a whole. Led to believe things that were not true. And yet at the same time I cannot believe that this was the case. Denial perhaps? Whatever it is I need to snap out of it. And fast. I need to find the happy place. Escape the cause of hurt.

So much for having nothing to say.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. shannhermie says:

    This is my “gentle push of encouragement”…

    Imagine I’m there with you know, put your head on my shoulder and sob your heart out! It’s okay! I’m always here for you my Kooks ;)

    Big hugs and lots of love

    1. settoncrew says:

      Thanks my Kooks, means the world to me x

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