The Beauty of the Old

My Mom’s ex boss, and friend, is here from London. She has known my Mom since she was 28 years old and that means that she has known me my whole life… well just about. Miriam is in her late 80’s now and still travels between London and SA once a year for four weeks, I find that amazing.

We all (Mom, Jeff, Mariam, Boys and I) went for lunch in Norwood. And what a blessing that the boys were totally occupied and I got five straight hours of pure adult chat in… rocks my world! I loved peeking up at the boys and watching them form bonds with not only each other but the other kids that were playing, ah, the life of a child!

I have a soft spot for old people. Perhaps it is because of the bond that My Gran and I share. I have a lot of time for them and way more patience than I ever thought I possessed. I have seen Miriam a few times since she left SA but today was different. Today I was glued to her stories. Her wisdom. The fascinating person she is, and has always been, somehow I missed it before today. Her family was involved in the Rivonia Trail, she told of their escape and how she herself was involved in helping them change appearence and get out the counrty. Her family housed Nelson Mandela for some time too… imagine how awesome that must of been? Housing him before he bacame the greatest president of South Africa? Playing in the garden whilst he sat in your lounge, on your sofa, almost oblivious to what the future would hold. There is a museum in Sandton that I want to visit, they are interviewing Miriam this week about her involvment for some true, hard facts that are missing from the story and I cannot wait to hear even more about it, how awesomme to have such stories to tell.

Aside from that, her vast knowledge on many subjects fascinated me. She is so down to earth and truly awesome for her age… even though she refers to herself as past the dinosaur age. In numbers maybe, but her mind is sharp and she has not forgotten a single story told and I hope that she never does, they need to be heard by many more ears. Dylan amazed me, yet again, as he walked slowly beside her making sure that she was ok. The perfect gentleman. May he never change that quality. I ooze with pride when I see them act in such ways!

I love the beauty that old people hold. In their stories. Their minds. And there neverending love. Well most of them x


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