Book of Life

I often wish that I could write a book on my life. I don’t think that anything extra ordinary has happened to me, really. But I do know that there are many tales I’d love to leave behind. Many things I’d like my kids to always know.

There are so many things that I’d like to research for the book. Trace back our family History – which gets more and more interesting as the days go by. My Mom is adopted, so we have her maternal family and adoptive family – interesting does not come close to the tales that come from two completely different and interesting worlds. And how paths are crossed. How roots were incidentally carried forth with the adoption. Like the French blood that is there from both maternal and adoptive, coincidence.

I’d love to write about growing up in the Cape. In a Children’s Home that my mom worked in. About the girls who looked after me. And how I got the joy of looking after her kids and now her kids can bond with my kids… The circle of life is awesome. About my dog, Lucy and the adventures that we had. About my first ever friend, Shannon and how my best friend for the past 19 years has been Shannon too. The friend’s from playschool that I can still remember and wish I could trace. About the love, the hardships. The friendships and the enemies of my life.

I’d love to offer hope to kids whose parents get divorced, I was there at the tender age of seven, although their marriage ended long before divorce came through. I would love to research why we, as humans, tend to follow patterns we know do not work? Why I watched my mother battle to raise me and now I am in the same situation with three kids and no support from their father. Granted my dad was there for me at least some of the time. I’d dedicate a chapter to my mom and the awesome person that she is. To the sacrifices that she silently made so that I could have the life that I had and still continue having. I’d thank her for the lessons she instilled in me and let her know how truly grateful I am. And let her know that as I raise my boys, I often look for comfort in the stories of how she raised me.

I think, actually make that know, that I have been through a lot in my *almost* 26 years of life on earth and I am proud to say that I have beaten my ghosts and I no longer allow them to haunt me. At least not as loudly as they used to before. I have beaten them and I will not allow them to defeat me. I will live my life for my kids and make them proud of who I am. Set an example for them as one was set for me.

I would love to include a chapter dedicated to my Dad’s life.. He likes to think he is boring, actually he is far from it. It took my dad and I many years to form the bond that we have now and I am forever grateful to have him in my life. I am so proud of him and what he achieved. He overcame those same ghosts. Stayed in a cave on the beach in Cape Town for three months, fished for his food and the ocean was his bath. He built himself up from there with only the clothes on his back. Today he runs his own business and has made a success of it.

I was blessed with awesome parents and thanks to the divorce, wonderful step families too.

There are obviously a million and one other things I’d love to cover but I think that’s all I shall reveal for now :).


4 Comments Add yours

  1. shannhermie says:

    Ooooh, I can’t wait for it to come out!

    Am I allowed to request the very first copy that comes off the press and have it signed by you please?


  2. even if you don’t get around to writing a book this blog could easily serve as a little book.. or at least a great collection of thoughts :)

  3. settoncrew says:

    Kooks, you can not only have the first copy but you can help me fill in the blanks of growing up, lol. You know I have a few of those…

    So very true Sarah, thanks.

  4. shannhermie says:

    Thanks my loveliness :)

    …and I’ll do my best.

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