CoUnTiNg DaYs…

I have 19 days *and counting* left of being a full-time working Mom… then it is half day glory for me. I am so excited to have more time with the boys and settle them into a better routine, one that works for me and ultimately works for them. They need more sleep. They function better with more sleep. And as you can imagine so do I. Admittedly I am a little nervous to be taking on the task of spending more hours with them as them as sometimes I do not cope with the current hours that we have together but more than that I am focusing on the positive impact that this will have on us and all the fun times that will await our afternoons together. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was not going to let it go past me. It will give us time to do extra activities as a family… and thank heavens for close by parks where we can load their bikes and enjoy the afternoon sunshine. I might just take up jogging while they ride. I said might. Might.

It will also give me more time in the evenings to do things that I want to do and don’t get time for. I might even be brave and sign up for studies. Again I said might. I have seen the benefits of studying though… my Mom has the sharpest mind because of it. She is smarter and ‘faster’ intellectually than most people her age… I might be slightly biased here. I do also love a hot bath with a cold glass of wine. Dinner parties shall be on the menu too. Oh the excitement waiting for the next 19 working days to pass. I never really wish time away but I really want it to be June 1st already…

White Dwarf Star Spiral - 1 June 2005

P.S While on the subject of counting days, I have approximately 6 months until a very special trip and I simply CANNOT wait!!

P.P.S I did it. I took the starting plunge on writing a book. I hope that I can follow through on this.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. shannhermie says:

    YAY! YAY! …and YAY!

    YAY – Part-time mom :)
    YAY – You’ve started on the book ;)
    YAY – Special trip :D


  2. Love all the count downs! I do the same!

    Great news re half days!
    YAY for the book – I’ve been writing a book now for 3 years -wish I could finish it!

    Have a great day!

    1. settoncrew says:

      Count downs rock :)

      I only plan to have it finished by 30/35 so it is going to be a long road still :):) can’t wait to read yours.


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