Thankful Thursday: S.M.I.L.E

Special. Magic. In. Living. Everyday.

I have always felt the power of a smile. The simple gesture makes me realise that sometimes, even when life is hard, all we need is a simple smile… your own smile, the smile of a stranger, the smile of your kids, a loved one, they all have the power to lift me, to make me soar and reflect on what I have in my life.

The smiles that make me smile. Dylan. Jason. Grant. They smile daily and not just the normal kind, the heart melting kind. The kind of smile that makes me so proud of them. The kind that makes me want to squeeze them and tell them how utterly gorgeous they are… and I do just just. They also swear by the acronym and certainly find the magic in any ‘ordinary’ day. They remind me of the Special Magic In Living Everday.

My Gorgeous Boys

How could I not be totally in love with them? Each of these pictures reflects a little on their personality. From left to right: Dylan, quietly in thought, he can often be found digesting what was just said and making sense of it all. Jason, my clown. He is funny. And he knows it. This was taken in the bath when he was eating bubbles to become a clown. Grant, he has a gentle nature and captures hearts everywhere he goes. Watch out girlies, this one’s a heart breaker.

Remember to smile and S.M.I.L.E. You never know two things, who is falling in love with your smile and how much your smile impacts a stranger having an otherwise really bad day. No matter what I always wear a smile when out and about… or at least I try my best.

To my boys who remind me to find the magic in every day, I am thankful for all three of you x


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