Happy Mothers Day

All you need is LOVE. Today reminded me of this again as I spent the day with the five people that I love the most in my life, Mom, Jeff and the Setton Boys.

I have always heard about the 702 Mothers Day Concert at the Zoo and this year and convinced Mum and Jeff that we should go… to celebrate Mothers Day and my birthday and all I can say is, “We will be back.” It was honestly such a lovely, well organised event. It was a long day but oh so worth it. The boys had fun and made my Mothers Day oh so special! At one point they asked for audience participation so Mum, Boys and I went up to the front to take part… I wish that I had captured the looks on their faces when they saw all these adults ‘meouwing’ like cats and ‘barking’ like dogs, very classic moment. And then we did the ‘YMCA’… even better looks followed that as the participating crowd got bigger. If you have never been tothe concert I recommend you book the date off in your dairy for next year… FABULOUS!

And lastly a photo of us, aren’t we a gorgeous family?


One Comment Add yours

  1. shannhermie says:

    Great photo of you all – love it! xx

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