Thankful Thursday: The Small Things in Life

1) Sight – I get to watch my children grow and take in the beauty of the surrounds. I get to go to the park and watch them ride their bikes, climb on the jungle gym and enjoy the adventure of being a kid.

2) Hearing – I get to listen to my boys and their endless chatter every single day. I got to hear their first precious words. I get to hear them laugh, daily. I can hear the sounds of nature that I so love. That moment when all around is quiet and you hear the birds chirping and the trees moving in the wind.

3) Taste – I get to take the boys for ice-cream and we enjoy the flavours of life together. I get to experience the sweet and sour. The pleasant and not so pleasant tastes of everything around us.

4) Touch – I get cuddles, daily. I get to tuck my boys in bed each night and touch their precious little faces as they fall fast asleep. I cannot imagine life without my cuddles. And the kisses that I live for.

5) Smell – I got to take in the boys’ gorgeous new born smell, oh how I miss that. I am pretty smell obssessed, weird I know. The first thing that I do when I collect the boys from school is embrace them in my arms and soak up their smell… even whent hey are filthy I can still get a smell of the boys that I so love. The boys that melt my heart daily.

Recently I was reminded of a mother I came across once, she was deaf. While she could speak and communicate really well, so well that you forgot she was deaf at all, she never got to hear her kids talk, laugh or cry. It reminded me how truly blessed I am with the gift of my five senses. I remember making tea with her and we were chatting away and all of a sudden she asked if the kettle was boiling, I said “Sure, can’t you hear it?”, she smiled and replied, “No Candice, I am deaf, remember”… imagine not hearing a single sound in your life. Ever.


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