Saturday Surprises: Mom’s 50th

This weekend I had a surprise 50th for my Mom. I have been planning since February and since I see my Mom every day and tell her *mostly* everything, it has been an absolute torturous mission to keep her party silent! The look on her face when she saw all these people waiting in the garage… priceless!

Anti-clockwise: Mom wondering why there were 30 people standing in the garage, Mom & I, Pretty Mom, Cake Time and (L-R) Andrew, Me, Mom & Bjorn.

I want to personally thank each and every person that was a part of Saturday: Jenny & Charles, Wendy & Frank, Jenni & Tony, Bjorn & Nicki, Lorryn & Gary, Michelle & Greg, Richard & Lyndsay, Lawrence & Jen, Bernadine & Simeon, Jeff, Andrew, Ingrid, Renee, Dianne, Sue, Bev. I so hope that I have not left anyone out??

To the smaller one’s that were there: Dylan, Jason, Grant, Megan, Melissa-Ann, Sasha, Ricky, Megan.

She even got the FULL Marilyn Munroe Happy Birthday… with love from Wends & Cands

The night was great, I think that it went off pretty well considering it was the first one that I have ever put together. Most important part was that Mom was surrounded by those that she love’s most in her life and considering that she never even wanted to venture out on Saturday night, she had a good night.

This is the Thank You note I sent to all who was there:

Mom, I love you and cherish all that you have done for me x


One Comment Add yours

  1. shannhermie says:

    Looks like it was an awesome night and a great surprise for your mom :)

    Wish I was there!


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